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Speech and Language Pathologists

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Speech and language pathologists (SLP) are professionals who work with individuals having specific needs with speech and language, and may also help with feeding and swallowing issues.

Providing training, Education and Counselling to child and adolesences, adults and the Geriatric population who may be suffering with a mental illness, ... more
Physical address not provided
10 years and up
Community-based, non-profit organization offering a wide range of social and community services. Services offered to Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, ... more
1980 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L3 Map
All ages
For a list of Speech-Language Pathologists in private practice in Ottawa, please contact First Words. The First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of ... more
Ottawa, ON Map
All ages
Our mission is to teach children and youth with pervasive developmental disorders such as Autism and other exceptionalities to reach their potential in a ... more
1119 Lazard Steet, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3G5 Map
2 - 40 years
Services provided include: Occupational Therapy Speech Language Therapy Social Work Child and family services Mental Health more
4200 Labelle, Ottawa, ON, K1J 1J8 Map
All ages
The College regulates the profession of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. The College is committed to ensuring that the people of Ontario receive ... more
3080 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4N 3N1 Map
All ages
Non-profit organization that provides information, education and support to professionals and families of children with communication disorders. Website ... more
Tilsonburg, ON, N4G 4P4 Map
All ages
The professional association for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) and Audiologists in Ontario. Their website has a Private Practice Referral Line for finding ... more
410 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2G6 Map
All ages
1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7B7 Map
All ages

Private Practice Professionals and Commercial Businesses

2948 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8T5 Map
All ages
71 Caroline Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0S8 Map
All ages
Emerging Minds
5330 Canotek, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9G5 Map
Up to 6 years
2948 Baseline Road, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8T5 Map
7 - 70 years
97 Hinton Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0Z7 Map
All ages
Up to 18 years
2725 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON Map
All ages
TRAC Group Inc.
161 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa, ON, K2H 5V6 Map
All ages
98 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, ON Map
613-228-1174 x29
2 - 25 years
Vicki Laframboise Cabinet d'orthophonie
260 Centrum Blvd, Ottawa (orléans), ON Map
2 - 18 years
Ottawa, ON Map
Up to 12 years
471 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, ON, K2L 4B8 Map
Up to 18 years
Mary-Jane Slingerland
555 Legget Drive, Kanata, ON, K2K 2X3 Map
Up to 7 years
250-B Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8X4 Map
All ages
320 Osgoode St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 8C8 Map
All ages
50 Steacie Dr, Kanata, ON, K2K 2A9 Map
1 - 17 years
120 West Beaver Creek rd., Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1L2 Map
All ages
98 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa (nepean), ON, K2G 6B1 Map
613-228-1174 x43
All ages
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Resource Lists by Other Organizations
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
A map of child/youth mental health services in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. If printed out, it is meant to be printed out on legal size and poster size, and posted in waiting areas or in a clinic.
Posted: Mar 17, 2017
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Concise list of Ottawa area mental health resources for youth prepared by Youthnet, a program of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
Posted: Feb 22, 2015
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Longer list of Ottawa area mental health resources prepared by Youthnet, a progam of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
Posted: Feb 23, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Posted: Jul 4, 2014
Language: EN,FR
First Words
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
First Words keeps a list of Private Speech Pathologists who see children in the Ottawa area. Please note that First Words does not confirm the practitioner’s certification or qualifications.
Posted: Sep 18, 2016
Language: EN,FR
Ottawa Public Health (OPH)
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
The Resource Guide – Greater Ottawa Area [PDF 11.8 MB] reflects mental health resources and supports located throughout the Ottawa area (Champlain LHIN). This guide is not an exhaustive list of all supportive services, but rather a starting point – feel free to explore how these resources could assist you (the caregiver) or the person you care for (child, youth, adult, older adult) on the journey to recovery.
Posted: Sep 22, 2016
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
List of Ottawa community resources for transitional aged youth (age 16-24).
Posted: May 13, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Concise, one page tool listing main mental health services in Ottawa.
Posted: May 10, 2015
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: LHIN Champlain
“Red Flags” is a Quick Reference Guide for Early Years professionals.Red Flags outlines a range of functional indicators or domains commonly used to monitor healthy child development, as well as potential problem areas for child development. It is intended to assist in the determination of when and where to refer for additional advice, formal assessment and/or treatment.
Posted: Sep 28, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: LHIN Champlain
"From Rollercoaster to Recovery" is a detailed guide for families and individuals on how to navigate the addictions and mental health system in the Champlain LHIN.
Posted: May 2, 2013
Language: EN,FR
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