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Integrating EMDR Into Your Clinical Practice: 5-Day Intensive Training in Thunder Bay with Esta Porter
For: Professionals
Provided by: Leading Edge Seminars

Date and Time

Mon Jul 22 to Fri Jul 26, 2024


955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1

Event Description

Welcome to an immersive, 5-day, in-person workshop tailored exclusively for mental health professionals like you – counsellors, psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and psychologists.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), hailed as an “indispensable modality of treatment” by the esteemed Bessel van der Kolk, offers your clients a way to safely process traumatic experiences.

This EMDR 5-day training course is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about gaining clinical pearls of wisdom that you can immediately integrate into your practice. Emphasizing attunement, attachment, and clinical judgment, this EMDRIA-approved, 5-day intensive covers the essentials of implementing EMDR. Learn how to customize treatments for diverse scenarios, including children, recent events, couples, grief, pain, phobias, addictions, and dissociation.

Unlike research-oriented approaches to EMDR, this training places a spotlight on the interpersonal aspects of EMDR work. Immerse yourself in a multimedia learning experience, combining lectures, videos, and practice opportunities. Listen, observe, and implement new concepts and skills, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

This updated EMDR course builds upon the original procedures developed by Francine Shapiro in 1995. Expand your expertise in treatment planning, preparation, and processing interventions. With over 43 videos, downloadable training materials, and access to a community-wide listserv, you’ll receive support before, during, and after the course, ensuring confidence as you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice.

After completing this course, participants will have applied the Adaptive Information Processing theoretical approach to psychotherapy, demonstrated the eight phases of EMDR therapy, and identified how to utilize EMDR with a variety of clinical populations. Special instruction is given on varying applications of bilateral stimulation that uses a client-centered approach to address the unique needs of each client. This course also teaches clinicians how to utilize EMDR in a telehealth environment.

Also included:

All participants receive 10 additional hours of post-training consultation with approved consultants via small-group phone/online video conferencing. This is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your understanding and skills with personalized guidance.

Join us for this comprehensive and engaging learning experience and empower yourself to make a profound impact on your clients through the transformative power of EMDR.

Once you have completed this EMDR 5-day basic training and the post-training consultation hours, you will be considered an EMDR-trained clinician and will receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

For eligibility requirements and complete details, please visit our website

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Addictions (including Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Trauma and Abuse
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