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Screening Tool: Substance Abuse (in Adolescents)

This survey is designed to provide a quick assessment of whether you show signs and symptoms of substance or alcohol abuse. However, no test is 100% accurate. No matter what your score is, you should seek help if you have any concerns about yourself or your loved ones.

1. Have you ever ridden in a Car driven by someone (including yourself) who was high or had been using alcohol or drugs?
2. Do you ever use alcohol or drugs to Relax, feel better about yourself, or fit in?
3. Do you ever use alcohol or drugs while you are by yourself Alone?
4. Do you ever Forget things you did while using alcohol or drugs?
5. Do your Family or Friends ever tell you that you should cut down on your drinking or drug use?
6. Have you ever gotten into Trouble while you were using alcohol or drugs?

The questionnaire used here is the 6-item CRAFFT, developed by Dr. John Knight of the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research at Children's Hospital, Boston, USA.


For more information about this screening tool: 

  • Knight JR, Sherritt L, Shrier LA, Harris SK, Chang G. Validity of the CRAFFT substance abuse screening test among adolescent clinic patients. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent 156(6) 607-614, 2002.
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