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Abuse and Domestic Violence
What is Abuse and Domestic Violence? Abuse is behaviour used to intimidate, isolate, dominate or control another person. It may be a pattern of behaviour or it may be a single incident. Abusive behaviour might involve acts or words or even neglect.   Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial: Physical abuse is when someone hurts you physically in any way. It includes hitting, kicking, slapping, pinching, cutting, stabbing, and shooting. All of these examples are assault, which is a crime in Canada and the United States. Sexual touching or sexual activity is abuse if you do not consent or if ...
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Financial Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs: About the Disability Tax Credit
Children and youth with special needs have medical, emotional, developmental, mental or behavioural problems that require ongoing help and support.   The federal government has various tax deductions, credits and benefits available to help families and caregivers of children and youth with special needs.   In addition, each province has a number of provincial programs as well. Disability Tax Credit  If you have a child with special needs, the Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit that helps people with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have ...
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Nutrition for Mental Health: Information for Adults
Jane’s Story, Part 1 Jane is a 25-year-old college student. Her life is busy. She buses to school, so breakfast is usually just a cup of coffee. Lunch is often just a muffin. Because she’s hungry, she often buys snacks from a vending machine. She knows that she’s sleep deprived because she doesn’t feel rested when her alarm wakes her up in the morning. Jane has been feeling stressed, anxious and tired. She reluctantly sees her family doctor, who recommends that Jane start with some changes to her food intake. What is “eating healthy”? Healthy eating includes: Eating a wide variety of foods to ...
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