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Legal and Justice Resources

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This section has various legal resources including legal aid, and forensic resources. Forensic resources refers to resources for individuals with mental health problems who have had troubles with the law. This is not an exhaustive list of resources and services, but highlights those which might be of interest to individuals with mental health issues.

You may also be interested in the following subheadings:

Publicly Funded / Free Services

We are our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that ... more
125 Broad Street, New York, NY, 10004 Map
Area Served: United States
All ages
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1. Custody and Access (of Children)

Custody and access refers to the process of making informed determinations about custody and access in order to serve the best interests of the child.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. Custody and Access (of Children)
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2. Forensic resources

Resources for people with mental health needs who are having problems with the law.

Unfortunately, there are no results for this heading. Forensic resources
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3. Legal Aid

Legal aid provides free legal advice or free legal representation available, in certain cases, for people who are unable to pay for it themselves. For example, if you need a lawyer, but cannot pay for one, you may qualify for legal aid.

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4. Other Legal Resources

This section has legal resources that do not fit into other categories.

Publicly Funded / Free Services

Specializes in legal advocacy for people with mental disabilities and uses its legal expertise to address institutional abuse and violations of consumers' rights. more
1101 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20005 Map
Area Served: United States
All ages
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