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Events for Lanark County, ON

Events are posted as a free service to the community, however, please note that posting does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of a specific event or organization. Events are posted in the language in which they are received.
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Upcoming Events: Local, Regional and National
Tue Jan 9 to Tue Mar 19, 2024
(Every week on Tue)
For: General public
Strength in Numbers Group Therapy
Managing chronic pain requires difficult lifestyle changes & new coping skills. Are you struggling to make these changes on your own? Our intensive ... more
Tue Jan 23 to Tue Feb 6, 2024
(Every week on Tue)
Toronto, ON
For: Professionals
George Hull Centre for Children & Families
Do you want to learn how trauma and attachment are related to communication development? Do you know what signs of trauma look like in the children you see ... more
Wed Feb 21 to Thu Jun 20, 2024
(Takes place on the third Wednesday of each month.)
Toronto, ON
*Recently Added
For: Professionals
George Hull Centre Institute of Childhood Trauma & Attachment
Trauma Focused Assessment Certificate Program Mental health professionals can improve their skills in assessing trauma through this 10-day course on the ... more
Ongoing Events: Local, Regional and National
Thu Mar 16 to Sun Dec 31, 2023
For: Professionals
Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, Presented by Solutions On Site
Whether it is fears for children’s safety, concern about germs or food safety, or continuous health anxiety, do your anxious clients feel ignored or ... more
Tue Mar 21, 2023 to Thu Mar 21, 2024
(Every week on Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun)
For: Professionals
Solutions On Site
Featuring Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg Overactive brain circuitry can trap people in ruminative thinking and can cause anxious dread, which can directly feed the ... more
Ongoing Events across Ontario
Thu Sep 28 to Thu Dec 7, 2023
For: General public, Professionals
Grace Health Centre
Journey of Wholeness: Coming Home to the Self is a virtual course to everyone. It is a psycho-education virtual course that offers skills learning and support ... more
Mon Apr 3, 2023 to Mon Apr 8, 2024
(Takes place on the first Monday of each month.)
Toronto, ON
For: Professionals
George Hull Centre for Children & Families
This is a monthly virtual working group that will give participants an opportunity to come together to talk about and practice Dyadic Developmental ... more
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