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Screening Tool: Social challenges including autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Does your child have troubles getting along with others? 


If so, consider filling out this survey, which is designed to see whether or not your child might have signs and symptoms related to conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). If the test is positive, it does not necessarily mean that your child has a condition such as ASD. It simply means that your child should be seen by a health professional for further assessment. 


This survey is the Social Challenges Screening Questionnaire (SCSQ) version 3.1, developed by Dr. Christopher Smith, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Centre. Special thanks to Dr. Smith permission to use this questionnaire!

1. Have difficulty with fine or gross motor coordination (handwriting, throwing or catching balls, riding a bike, etc.)?
2. Have unusual speech at times (too slow or loud, formal or "little professor-like", monotone, robotic etc.)?
3. Have difficulty playing with others (disrupts play, controls the activity, etc.)? 
4. Have trouble making or keeping friends?
5. Seem socially awkward at times (rude, inappropriate comments, unaware of social cues)?
6. Have interests that seem overly intense and are expressed in conversation, play, and thoughts?
7. Have trouble organizing or completing school work?
8. Find jokes or sarcasm difficult to understand?
9. Have few or unusual facial expressions?
10. Often act without thinking (interrupts often, takes things from others without asking, etc.)?
11. Have difficulty following instructions or the flow of simple conversations?
12. Become overly distressed when routines are changed at home or school?
13. Have trouble following rules of personal space and boundaries (excessive touching, stands too close, etc.)?
14. Have poor eye contact?
15. Have exceptional skills (advanced language development, early letter or number recognition, memorization of facts, etc.)?

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