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Intracortical Myelin as a Mechanism for Sex Differences in Major Depressive Disorder Local
Conditions Addressed: Major Depressive Disorder (Depression)
Status: Active and recruiting
Dates: Tue Jul 13, 2021 to Wed Jul 13, 2022
Depression is associated with fluctuating mood states, as well as difficulties with things like attention, concentration and memory. Research has shown that there are sex differences in the course of depression, with adult women being twice as likely to develop depression as compared to men. We want to investigate whether there may also be sex differences in a specific structure in the brain called intracortical myelin, which is associated with cognitive performance, and is thought to be different between males and females with depression. This project will look at the differences in intracortical myelination in the brains of men and women with depression by using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). From this, our research group hopes to determine whether differing treatment for men and women can improve outcomes.
The study visits would include a screening visit and a baseline visit. At the screening visit, we will conduct a comprehensive clinical interview, and complete some questionnaires. At the baseline visit, you will meet your assigned physician for treatment, and meet with research personnel for more questionnaires and testing. Lastly, at the end of the baseline visit, you will undergo a 60-minute MRI scan. The compensation for this portion of the study is $50 and bus tickets/parking passes will be provided.
Our study also has an optional pharmacological treatment portion if you wish to participate. This would add 4 extra visits including: Week 2, Week 4, Week 6, and Week 8. At the week 2, week 4 and week 6 visits, you will meet only with your treating physician, and complete some questionnaires online. Lastly, for the final week 8 visit, you will again meet with your study physician, and then with the research personnel to complete a series of questionnaires and cognitive tasks, as well as another 60-minute MRI. You will see your study physician for all visits, except screening. If you require clinical follow-up outside these visits, we are able to provide this as necessary.
If you choose the treatment option of the study, after the completion of the final study visit, you would be compensated with a total of $200 for your time and participation in the study. Additionally, bus tickets or parking passes would be provided as needed.
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