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Emotional Schemas in CBT and Beyond: Using Emotional Experience to Treat Problems and Deepen Meaning avec Dr. Robert Leahy.
For: Professionals
Provided by: Medipsy Psychological Services

Date and Time

Fri Apr 7, 2017 (This event is over)
9:00 - 4:00pm


4020 Saint Ambroise, Montreal, QC, K2P 0H7

Event Description

Emotion regulation and emotion processing have gained increasing importance in CBT. However, in some cases clinicians and clients may find themselves inadvertently collaborating to “eliminate” unpleasant emotions, rather than enhance their capability with a range of emotions that are an inevitable part of life. For example, jealousy, envy, anger, anxiety, sadness and loneliness are part of the human experience and may reflect core values and meanings.

In this workshop we will review how the client’s beliefs and strategies about different emotions may maintain or escalate problematic coping strategies such as avoidance, rumination, and blaming. The Emotional Schema Model is a Meta-Emotional Model of psychopathology. Emotional schemas include beliefs about the duration, controllability, impairment, comprehensibility, uniqueness, complexity, guilt, and shame about emotional experience.

As a result of these interpretations, problematic strategies for coping result from these interpretations. In this workshop we will review how the clinician can identify and evaluate emotional schemas, link these schemas to psychopathology and problematic coping, modify these schemas, use a variety of CBT techniques to develop more flexible, life-enhancing schemas, and support patients in using emotional experience to develop deeper meanings in their lives.

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