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Executive Functions in the Classroom: How they Affect Learning & Behaviour
For: Professionals
Provided by: Jack Hirose & Associates

Date and Time

Mon Oct 19, 2015 (This event is over)
9:00 - 4:00pm


Burnaby, AB, V5C 3Y6

Event Description

This workshop will offer a brief discussion of a multidimensional model of executive functions that can be used to guide assessment and intervention efforts with children and adolescents. The major focus of the workshop will be on practical assessment methods that can be used to identify executive function strengths and difficulties and the strategies that can be used to foster the development of executive functions and/ or to intervene when executive function difficulties are identified.

The presentation of information throughout the workshop will focus on examples from actual clinical case work and include the discussion of a single case from initial assessment through intervention, and progress monitoring. Discussion of a theoretical model of executive functions will draw on the current research literature in cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology as summarized in McCloskey & Perkins (2012). Discussion of assessment methods will draw on best practices in the field and discussion of strategies for fostering growth and providing intervention will focus on evidence-based techniques as discussed in McCloskey, Gilmartin & Stanco (2014), McCloskey & Perkins (2012) and McCloskey, Perkins & VanDivner (2009).

Educators/clinicians should be aware that the content of this workshop will only address executive functions from the theoretical perspective presented in the author’s work in this area. Other models of executive functions will not be critiqued or discussed. Educators/clinicians who do not have an adequate background in neuropsychology or experience in dealing with students/clients with executive function difficulties will need to take care not to overstep their boundaries by taking on assessment/interventions cases that deal with executive function difficulties beyond the scope of their knowledge and expertise.

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