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The Modern Batterer & Meeting the Needs of Abused Women & Their Children Post-Separation
For: Professionals
Provided by: Solutions On Site and Lundy Bancroft

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Wed May 13, 2015 (This event is over)
9:00 - 4:00pm


London, ON

Event Description

The tactics and justifications used by men who batter change with time and are influenced by cultural trends. Compared to abusers of twenty-five years ago, the modern batterer is much more likely to: 1) Use high-tech means of surveillance and control of his partner; 2) Use the child custody system as a tactic of continued cruelty and abuse to women and their children; 3) Present himself as a sensitive, caring, "gentle" man who is "in touch with his feelings" and/or is spiritual; 4) Misuse social system against his partner (such as by having her arrested, reporting her to CPS, and other tactics); 5) Exert his influence to skew public policy and research. This workshop explores the trends in these areas and provides suggestions for constructive response.
This presentation covers the post-separation opportunities, risks, and challenges in the lives of battered women and their children. It prepares participants to support healing and recovery for mothers and children, while also planning properly for their safety needs in custody and visitation conflicts. We begin by looking at children’s typical reactions, both positive and negative, to their parents’ separation in a domestic violence case. Next we look at the post-separation behaviors of men who batter with respect to children, identifying the most common risks. Strategies for giving the mother and the children their best opportunities for healing and recovery are explored. Finally, we look at helpful versus destructive responses from family law courts, and the batterer’s use of the legal system as a form of abuse.
$185 plus hst- includes breakfast and lunch. For details, visit, group rates available or call 226-268-2307.

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