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Mental Health Summit: The Many Faces of Mental Illness
For: Professionals
Provided by: Benefits Canada

Date and Time

Wed Nov 12, 2014 (This event is over)
8:00 - 5:00pm


100 Front Street West, Toronto, ON, M5J 1E3

Event Description

Employers can’t always cure what ails their employees. But they can ensure that the workplace helps—and doesn’t hinder—good health, especially when it comes to mental illness. Stress, depression and anxiety are often invisible-but take a tremendous toll on both employees and their companies: depression is the leading cause of disability in Canada, and the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that it will be the second-leading cause of disability world-wide by 2020.

Employers recognize the importance of employees’ mental health and its impact on productivity, but often lack the tools to move from simple awareness to the application of effective mental health strategy. The 2014 Mental Health Summit will assemble Canada’s leading innovators in the area of mental health to discuss ways to get mental health on your organization’s agenda and successfully

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Employees, Employers and the Workplace
Mental Health in General
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