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Event Name

Choose Again Circle
For: General public, Professionals
Provided by: Choose Again

Date and Time

Sun May 6, 2012
(Every week on Sun)
(This event is over)
2pm - 4pm


4438 West 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6R 1S5

Event Description

A Choose Again Circle is a safe place to bring up any challenges you are having in your life and to get help in seeing and healing the root of the issue. Participants find that by addressing the root they experience positive changes in many areas of their lives (the branches). When our perception shifts, the whole world appears to change. Each week participants learn a new exercise, meditation, or teaching that will help them to stay on purpose in their daily lives. The majority of the circle is spent practicing these teachings and applying them to any personal challenges/opportunities they may wish to bring to the group.

Why a Circle?
Group sessions are often considered more effective than one-on-ones as other people frequently reflect aspects of ourselves, and as they share and get to the root of their issues, so too do we. Participants are usually a mix of experienced and newcomers, making a dynamic group in which everyone can learn a lot from each other.

Sunday circles are lead by Saskia Wolsak and Mark Eilers.

Cost: $20 or by donation.

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