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Canadian Psychoanalytic Society 37th Congress 2011
Annual General Meeting
For: Professionals
Provided by: Canadian Psychoanalytic Society

Date and Time

Thu Jun 9 to Sat Jun 11, 2011 (This event is over)


101 Lyon Street, Ottawa, ON

Event Description

The interaction between patient and analyst may give rise to powerful internal reactions – anxiety, confusion, anger, excitement which may be difficult for the patient to recognize as an experience, and such experience may not be tolerated for more than a few moments if at all. The patient then may adopt the position of a discussant and the analyst may be drawn into such discussions, debates or theorizing.

This can lead to a powerful impetus towards a style of
discussion which defends against the recognition of the
experience. It is in fact the patient's and the analyst's
contact with such emotional experience, recognized
as such, that promotes a deeper understanding...

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