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Technology Issues, including Internet, Cellphone, Social Media Addiction

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Technology Contracts (including Social Media and Video Game Contracts)
What is a Technology Contract? On one hand, using technology can bring many benefits. Social media offers the promise of connecting people. Video games can be extremely fun and enjoyable to play.    Unfortunately, when used improperly, technology also has the potential to cause great harm to people.    For this reason, it is recommended that parents use a technology contract, to help children and youth make better choices around their use of technology.    There are various websites that have examples of technology contracts Common Sense Media has technology contracts such as ...
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Unplug (from Technology) and Connect: Keeping Families Strong in a Wired World
Introduction  Our brains are wired to require strong relationships, attachments and face-to-face social contact with fellow human beings for happiness and well-being. Good relationships and healthy bonds to others keep us resilient and allow us to bounce back from setbacks. Unfortunately, our technologies and devices are so addictive, that many people are more connected to their devices than each other. The very devices that were meant to make life easier for us are now threatening to disconnect us from one another and thus, damage our physical and emotional health...   Children and youth now use technologies that did not ...
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