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Family, Marital, and Couple Therapy

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Introduction In our lives, we have many relationships, and all of these make a difference to our mental health. When our relationships go well, it helps our mental health. When we have problems with our relationships, it can cause stress and problems for our mental health.   Perhaps the most important relationship in our lives is our romantic relationship, i.e. the one that we have with our spouse, partner, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend...   The following advice about our primary romantic relationship comes from the Gottman Institute, which is dedicated to the study of marital relationships -- what makes them, ...
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Separation and Divorce
Introduction Separation and divorce happens often. In North America, close to 40% of relationships eventually end up in separation or divorce within 15-years (Kreider et al., 2002; Department of Justice, 1997). Separation and divorce is stressful to children and youth for many reasons. Their family, as they know it, is changing profoundly, and they have no control over the situation. Some may feel that if parents are leaving each other, parents could leave children too.   Other reasons children and youth find the experience stressful: Conflict between parents. It’s hard to imagine a separation or divorce without ...
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