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Helping Children Feel Good About Their Bodies
Introduction Eating disorders, now considered the third most common chronic illness among adolescent girls, are serious emotional problems that are manifested through weight and food issues. They can have life-threatening consequences. Behaviors that include dieting, bingeing, self-induced vomiting, using diet pills and laxatives are seen in more than 27% of girls aged 12 to 18 years.   Eating disorders develop in boys and girls for a lot of different reasons. Eating disorders may stem from anxiety or depression, or from feeling a loss of control due to a family situation, trauma, or other stresses. Those who tend to develop eating ...
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Infant Mental Health: Comforting Your Baby
Introduction Crying is the main way your baby can tell you what he or she needs. How you respond when your baby cries during the first year of life will teach your baby if he or she can count on you.   No one can comfort a baby ALL the time. What matters is that most of the time, you try to comfort him or her. Three Very Important Times To Pay Attention To Your Baby's Cries When your baby is sick When your baby is hurt When your baby is upset (for example, when he or she is sad, frightened or lonely) Comforting your baby at these times does not spoil him or her. It makes your baby feel respected and ...
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