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Addictions (including Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling)

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Alcohol and Substance Use Problems in Children and Youth: Guide for Caregivers
David's Story Up until this school year, David was a regular teen who goes to school and hanging out with his friends. Recently, he's been moody and irritable all the time. His grades have been dropping, and his parents are certain that he's come home intoxicated or high at least a few times. His parents wonder about drug problems, but they just don't know what to do. David's been so irritable and withdrawn  that everyone in the family feels like they're walking on eggshells.... What are Alcohol and Substance Use Problems? Many children and youth have tried drugs and alcohol. Surveys have reported that by the end of high ...
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Alcohol: Cutting Back or Quitting Drinking
Introduction Many people who drink moderately put themselves and others at risk of alcohol-related harms. These people often believe that only “alcoholics,” people who are dependent on alcohol, cause car accidents or bar brawls. They believe that because they are not dependent themselves, they can drink freely without worrying about the consequences. But the truth is that moderate drinkers cause as much damage as heavy drinkers.   Many moderate drinkers—particularly those who sometimes drink to the point of intoxication—walk a fine line between living normal, productive lives and living recklessly, wearing down the faith ...
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Problem Gambling
What is gambling? Gambling involves any activity in which a person takes the chance of losing money or belongings, and when winning or losing is decided mostly by chance.   Gambling is a common activity in our society. Common forms of gambling include buying lottery tickets, playing poker with friends, or going to a casino. When done in moderation, gambling can be a fun activity. But at its extreme, gambling can cause problems such as bankruptcy, loss of relationships, and even lead people to commit suicide. What is problem gambling? When gambling becomes so excessive that it starts causing problems, it is known as ...
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Problematic Video Gaming (including Gaming Disorder and Video Game Addiction): Information for Caregivers
Does Your Loved One Have Any of the Following...  Does your loved one have any of these signs that might indicate problematic video gaming? Playing more than 1-2 hrs a day of video games? Spending so much time playing video games that it causes problems with home, school and extracurricular activities? Neglecting sleep, physical activity, and other basic needs in order to spend time playing video games? Gets upset or irritable when it is time to stop playing, or when asked to stop playing? If your loved one has one or more of these signs, then continue reading to learn more about problematic video gaming and what to do… ...
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Technology Contracts (including Social Media and Video Game Contracts)
What is a Technology Contract? On one hand, using technology can bring many benefits. Social media offers the promise of connecting people. Video games can be extremely fun and enjoyable to play.    Unfortunately, when used improperly, technology also has the potential to cause great harm to people.    For this reason, it is recommended that parents use a technology contract, to help children and youth make better choices around their use of technology.    There are various websites that have examples of technology contracts Common Sense Media has technology contracts such as ...
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Unplug (from Technology) and Connect: Keeping Families Strong in a Wired World
Introduction  Our brains are wired to require strong relationships, attachments and face-to-face social contact with fellow human beings for happiness and well-being. Good relationships and healthy bonds to others keep us resilient and allow us to bounce back from setbacks. Unfortunately, our technologies and devices are so addictive, that many people are more connected to their devices than each other. The very devices that were meant to make life easier for us are now threatening to disconnect us from one another and thus, damage our physical and emotional health...   Children and youth now use technologies that did not ...
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Vaping and e-Cigarettes: Information for Parents, Caregivers and Families
Do you Smoke? Do you smoke?  If so, then replacing cigarette smoking with vaping may reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. But vaping is not without risks. Are You a Youth? Are you a youth? Unfortunately, vaping is not as safe as the marketing would have you believe. Don’t let yourself be manipulated into spending your money that simply ends up profiting big industry. What is Vaping? Vaping (also known as e-Cigarettes) is when you puff (breath in and out) a “vapour” (an aerosol). This vapour is produced by a battery-operated e-cigarette device,such as mods, vapes, vape pens, e-hookahs, or tank systems. Vaping ...
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