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Bipolar Disorders

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Bipolar Disorder in Adults
Introduction Ever since his mid 20's, a normally shy man gets high energy periods lasting up to several days where he doesn't need to sleep, and where he impulsively goes on spending sprees that put him into severe debt. These high periods are often followed by periods of severe low mood and depression, even to the point where he has thoughts of suicide. What's going on here? Is it normal mood swings, or could it be something else? What Is Bipolar Disorder? Everyone gets mood swings whereby sometimes our mood and energy is up, and where sometimes our mood and energy is down. But if you have mood swings so severe that it ...
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Bipolar Disorder in Children and Youth: Information for Families
What Is Bipolar Disorder? All of us have changes and swings in our mood which are normal. There are times when our mood is up, and we have more energy and excitement about things. There are other times when our moods are down, and we have less energy.   However, people with bipolar disorder  have periods of extreme mood change that  cause serious problems in their lives.   In the classic form of bipolar, people have episodes of depression and of mania, when their mood, energy, thinking and behaviour gets stuck for a period of time at a very  low or a  very high level. Hence the term, "bipolar", ...
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