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Somatoform Disorders

Mental Health: My Action Plan (MAP)
Website to help users develop their own personalized action plans for mental health. Online tools and modules such as: Module 1 : Starting my Journey Module 2 : Getting a Helpful Diagnosis: A Great Place to Start Module 3 : What's Next? Understanding my Treatment Options Module 4 : Complementary Approaches Module 5 : Family and Friends Module 6 : Lifestyle Module 7 : Change Your Thinking : Change Your Feelings Module 8 : The Workplace Module 9 : Staying Well: Making the Most of My Plan Module 10 : Crisis Plan Module 11 : Continuing My Path to Mental Wellness
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO)
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Opening the Door to Better Mental Health for Your Youth
The keys to taking care of youth mental health are to work towards building close and genuinely supportive relationships and promoting mental wellness, and to get help early should problems arise. This free guide was designed to help parents forge and strengthen those connections and support their youth's mental health.
Parters for Mental Health
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