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My Safety Plan

Summary: A safety plan can help keep you safe, if you are feeling overwhelmed and/or having thoughts of ending your life. Try answering these questions and see if it helps. It’s important to share this plan with family and friends close to you, so they can support you.
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What is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan can help keep you safe, if you are feeling overwhelmed and/or having thoughts of ending your life.  During a time when you are feeling calm, try answering these questions that ask about triggers and stresses, and possible ways to cope, so that if you are faced with a stress later on, you will have some ideas to try out. As you learn more about what works or doesn't work, its natural that the safety plan will change and improve over time.  Ask your support network (such as trusted adults, parents, relatives) to take a look at the plan, so that they can support you. 

My triggers

What are my top triggers or stresses?  








My Warning Signs

What are my warning signs that tell me I’m starting to get overwhelmed? 

  • Thoughts (e.g. thinking negatively)
  • Emotions (e.g. feeling mad, sad, irritable) 
  • Body sensations (e.g. head starts to hurt, feeling sick to my stomach)
  • Behaviours (e.g. withdrawing from other people; sleeping all the time)







What can others do if I'm getting overwhelmed? (e.g. do listen, empathize and validate, don't get upset at me, etc.)     






My Coping and Distraction Strategies

When I'm starting to get upset, what are some helpful things that will help me cope, or take my mind off the problem? (for example, going for a walk, calling a close friend to just vent, watching a movie, sleeping)  










When I'm completely overwhelmed, what helps? (for example, going to my room and having a good cry)   









Reasons for Living

Who are the people or creatures I live for? (for example: mother, father, brother, sister, friends, relatives or pets)    






What are other things I have to live for? (for example: remembering that things will get better one day, future goals like school, career, travel or family goals)  






Sometimes, when people are feeling sad, they have a hard time seeing the reasons for living. If this is the case for you right now, what are some reasons that others might point out for you?  






Who can I can turn to for support? 

  • E.g. people that can help distract me 
  • E.g. people that can listen to me and accept me no matter what
  • E.g. people that can help with practical things, e.g. taking me to appointments





Crisis and Online Support

In case of a crisis, who can I call? E.g. mom, dad, and other caring adults. 


For example








Date Posted: Aug 16, 2016
Date of Last Revision: Apr 10, 2020

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