Ottawa-Carleton, ON
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa (JFS)
A full service, non-sectarian agency serving residents of the greater Ottawa area. JFS offers programs and services to children, youth, adults and seniors, be they individuals, couples, families or groups. Services include counselling (on fee-for-service basis); anger management groups, employment; services for Jewish seniors; settlement program, with Russian speaking staff; Shalom Bayit program for Jewish women in abusive relationships; student support for Jewish students; outreach; financial assistance for low income Jews; StreetSmarts for homeless clients. JFS is a United Way agency.
2255 Carling Avenue, Suite 301
Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z5
Ages served: All ages
Languages served: English
Fees: Yes
Area Served: Ottawa-Carleton

Programs/Services Include...

Anger Management Groups for Children and Youth, The Counselling Group of Jewish Family Services (TCG)
These are small, non-denominational, group sessions designed to help children (7 - 11) and youth (12 - 15) deal with impulsive behaviours or frequent outbursts of emotions. The group is open to children who have difficulty controlling their emotions or impulsivity, including children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Conduct Disorder or learning disabilities. The group is facilitated by trained counsellors with backgrounds in social-emotional development and anger management.

Participants will develop:
- The ability to name and recognize a variety of emotions
- An understanding of the things that trigger strong emotional reactions
- The ability to control emotional reactions, stop outbursts and regulate emotions
- Anxiety and stress-reduction techniques
- The vocabulary to communicate their feelings in a positive way
- Anger and conflict management strategies
- Confidence in themselves and their ability to relate to others.
300-2255 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z5
613-722-2225 x351
Ages served: 7 - 15 years
Languages served: English
Fees: Yes
Social Skills Groups for Children and Youth
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Offered by The Counselling Group with Jewish Family Services of Ottawa. Small specialized group programs designed to help children ages 7-10 or teens ages 11-14 grow in a number of key aread.

Our goal-oriented social skills programs can help your child:
- respond appropriately to others in various social settings
- break down barriers in making friends and socializing
- develop anger and conflict management skills
- develop anxiety and stress-reduction strategies
- develop impulse-control and problem-solving skills
- improve communication and interaction skills
- recognize and manage their emotions
- develop self-esteem
- develop social skills.

The groups are open to any child who may benefit, as well as children diagnosed with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and Aspergers Syndrome.
300-2255 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z5
613-722-2225 x515
Ages served: 7 - 14 years
Languages served: English
Fees: Yes (Please contact us for a description of the group fee)
Syrian Refugees and Mental Health: Training, Case Conferencing and Counselling/Jewish Family Services(JFS) (English)
Settlement workers, Sponsors, ESL Teachers, Volunteers, and Interpreters have been the front line support for Syrian Refugees. As the main source of support and guidance we are well aware of the many challenges they have experienced in identifying mental health related issues offering and accessing mental health services. To support the Settlement sector and those who are working directly with Syrian Refugees, Jewish Family Services is offering a free training workshop, case conferencing meetings and direct referrals to Arabic speaking counsellors with the aim of improving mental wellness and quality of care of the Syrian Refugees.

Arabic and English counseling is also available for front-line workers if they are experiencing difficult or hard to serve cases or feel the need to speak to someone. On demand phone consultations with JFS mental health team is also available to offer support in case of a crisis situation requiring additional assistance.
Badreya Alkhalaf 613-722-2225 ext. 378
cell 613-867-3361

The training aims to offer a comprehensive tool kit to empower individuals and offer them ongoing support.

Workshop topics to be covered include:
• Syrian cultural competency training and how the culture and religion contributes to the barriers in accessing support
• Impact of the migration journey on well-being
• Syrian refugees’ mental health struggles: Signs and Symptoms of emotional distress
• Self-care strategies and tools to ensure the wellbeing of settlement workers.

Location: Jewish Family Services of Ottawa (2255 Carling Avenue, 3rd floor)
Registration Contact: Lamia Al Ansari
Telephone: 613-722-2225 ext. 302
2255 Carling Avenue, Suite 301
Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z5
Ages served: All ages
Languages served: English, Arabic
Fees: None
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