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NIED's 56th Free Eating Disorders Symposium
National Initiative for Eating Disorders
Tue Mar 21, 2017 (This event is over)
6:30 - 9:00pm
Local Event
TOPIC: "Let's Get Social: Social Media, Social Justice, and Social Support for Eating Disorders"

This free symposium focuses on intersections between social justice, social media, and eating disorders. In the symposium, we will look at how to situate eating disorder prevention, research, treatment, and recovery within a social context. We will also explore the ins and outs of using social media to talk about eating disorders — the good, the bad, and the just-plain-confusing.

The symposium will include a presentation by Andrea LaMarre (MSc, PhD Candidate) and plenty of time for discussion. We will answer questions like:

- What does social justice have to do with eating disorders?
- How can taking a social justice approach help reduce stereotypes, stigma, and barriers to access around eating disorder prevention, treatment, and research?
- What is the role of social media in eating disorder prevention, treatment, research, and recovery?
- How can social media for eating disorders be more representative and be used for social justice aims?
Intended Audience:General Public, Professionals
Event Location
10 Carden St.
Guelph, ON, N1H 3A2
For More Information
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