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The 10 Best-Ever Depression Management Techniques
For: Professionals
Provided by: Jack Hirose & Associates

Date and Time

Fri Nov 8, 2013 (This event is over)
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


1055 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Event Description

All depressions are not created equal. Understanding the origin of your clients’ depressions and the impact on treatment can make a big difference to your success in therapy and help clients move to management of their symptoms and then recovery (without medication) from this insidious disorder.
In this workshop exploring experiential and didactic methods, you will learn 10 methods that you can immediately apply to diminish symptoms in clients suffering from depression. The workshop will highlight aspects of brain function that underlie depression and focus on treatment methods that will counteract depressive symptoms. The pragmatic focus of this seminar will be on exploring psychotherapy methods that can improve the physiology, cognition, and behaviour of depressed clients.

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