Hamilton, ON
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Mad Hatters in The Hammer - Coming to Terms
Regular Meeting
For: General public
Provided by: Mad Students Society

Date and Time

Thu Jan 26, 2012 (This event is over)


Hamilton, ON

Event Description

Are you crazy? Labelled/DSMed with (‘serious’, ‘persistent’, ‘severe’) ‘mental illness’? Have you been psychiatrized, therapized, case managed, social worked? (How) Do you manage ‘mental health issues’ or ‘concerns’ or 'challenges' or ‘problems’? How do you self-identify? Some people use words like psychiatric survivor, consumer, user, ex-patient as well as mad, psychiatrically/emotionally/socially disabled and mentally ill. Which terms do you use? Which ones are used against you?

Mad Students Society (MSS), created in 2005, is a community of students who are attending or planning to attend institutions of post-secondary or adult education and have past/present experiences with psychiatric/mental health systems. We meet monthly and communicate through an email listserv to support each other, discover tools for self-advocacy, and connect with our history and broader social movements.

‘Peers’ are people with similar life situations. In MSS, peers are those who share various experiences related to being Mad Students. The purpose of ‘peer support’ is for MSS members to connect with each other on our own without the involvement of people working in psychiatric/mental health systems, family, or other ‘allies’. MSS encourages peer support by moderating a listserv and holding monthly peer support meetings so Mad Students can connect with each other. Peer support also happens outside of these activities when individual members decide to connect in other ways.

While our meetings have traditionally been in downtown Toronto (and continue on the second Saturday of every month), MSS is coming to The Hammer as of January 2012.

We encourage ‘Mad Students’ (however you may identify, and not restricted to people studying at McMaster) to check us out on January 26 for a conversation about who we are, what peer support is, and which terms we use to talk about our experiences with madness. For more information on the meeting location, joining the listserv, or about the group, please email Phebe at [email protected] If you’re nervous about coming, we can chat beforehand!

Visit the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/302436009800145/ or check out our website at www.madstudentsociety.com.

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