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Aug 20, 2018 - Scientists show an association between concerns over public displays of discrimination and behavioral health problems among teens from communities of color or disadvantaged homes.
Aug 16, 2018 - High maternal levels of the stress hormone cortisol during pregnancy increase anxious and depressive-like behaviors in female offspring at the age of 2, reports a new study. The effect of elevated maternal cortisol on the negative offspring behavior appeared to result from patterns of stronger communication between brain regions important for ...
Aug 16, 2018 - A new study finds that more than 50 percent of people with assault-related or legal intervention firearm injuries due to law enforcement actions and over 25 percent of individuals with self-inflicted or unintentional firearm injuries were arrested, hospitalized, or both in the two years prior to being shot.
Aug 15, 2018 - Married people who fight nastily are more likely to suffer from leaky guts -- a problem that unleashes bacteria into the blood and can drive up disease-causing inflammation, new research suggests.
Aug 14, 2018 - Physical brain injury in children contributes to the development of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), distinct from genetic risk for the disorder.
Aug 9, 2018 - Many people think of psychedelics as relics from the hippie generation or something taken by ravers and music festival-goers, but they may one day be used to treat disorders ranging from social anxiety to depression, according to new research.
Aug 9, 2018 - Neuroscientists have shown that stimulating the caudate nucleus can generate negative moods that lead to irrational decision-making. Stimulating the caudate nucleus causes animals to give far more weight to the anticipated drawback of a situation than its potential benefit.
Aug 9, 2018 - Researchers suggest dysfunction in mitochondria -- the main source of energy for cells -- may be the root cause of depression. The finding brings new insight to long-held theories of the causes of depression and could lead to the development of novel and more effective antidepressant drugs.
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