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Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have received specialized training in diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions (such as psychotherapy and medication treatment).


Psychiatrists work in different settings. Some work in  hospitals or mental health agencies. They may also work  on their own in "private practice." Because physicians are publicly-funded, one does not need to pay any fees to see a psychiatrist, even for those in private practice.


Looking for a psychiatrist? The best way to see a psychiatrist is to speak to your family doctor to ask about whether seeing a psychiatrist would be helpful. Seeing a psychiatrist requires a referral from your physician.


Looking for a list of psychiatrists in your area?  Note that because demand for psychiatrists is so high, and they are relatively few, it is very difficult to find any lists of psychiatrists per se. To find names of psychiatrists taking on new patients, the best option is usually to contact the medical licensing body for whichever province you are in  (for example, in Ontario, you would contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.)


Looking for a psychologist instead? Psychologists are similar to psychiatrists as they can both provide mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The main difference however, is that psychologists focus on non-medication treatments, whereas psychiatrists can also provide medications.  View psychology resources in your area.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba maintains a directory of physicians in Manitoba. more
1661 Portage Avenue, Suite 1000
Winnipeg, MB, R3J 3T7
204-774-4344 x2047744344
Ages served: All ages
Languages served: English
Fees: None
Area Served: Manitoba
The Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is a professional association whose members consist primarily of child and adolescent psychiatrists in ... more
141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 701
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J3
Ages served: Up to 17 years
Languages served: English, French
Fees: None
Area Served: Canada
"The Canadian Psychiatric Association is the national voluntary professional association for Canada's psychiatrists. Its mission is to forge a strong, ... more
141 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 701
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J3
Ages served: All ages
Languages served: English
Fees: None
Area Served: Canada
Provides mindfulness-based therapies for a variety of conditions including anxiety, depression and substance misuse. Specializes in mindfulness-based cognitive ... more
180 Sudbury Street, C2
Toronto, ON, M4M 2P6
Ages served: 13 years and up
Languages served: English
Fees: Yes
Area Served: Canada
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