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Catholic Family Service Ottawa (CFSO) 1.9506515665487
Centre Psychosocial (CPS) 1.8272158372351
Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma (CTSACT) 3.410337968659
Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre (DSYTC) 1.4769846462718
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) 5.2371982506081
Anger Management Groups for Children and Youth, The Counselling Group of Jewish Family Services (TCG) 5.2301492697031
Social Skills Groups for Children 5.251734409199
Military Family Resource Centre of the National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) 6.3500999639262
Counselling Program 1.5903227468152
Ottawa Hospital 2.7949271075267
South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre 4.9965185684271
The Counselling Group 5.2301492697031
Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) 0.73302727736335
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) 6.4427920424377
Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic 5.3578871233852
Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) 3.2663941758201
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) 2.645444883066
Support group for parent(s) & caregiver(s) of gender creative/independent & transgender children, teens & young adults 2.0616533530779
Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (The Royal) 2.7740105372289
Operation Come Home (OCH) 0.72920741279046
Abundant Living Counselling Group (ALCG) 6.8728362301438
Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group 3.6140617349302
Bakerman, Dr. Davina 14.232154948481
Brohman, Ms. Cathy 13.902701966799
Bucosky-Tighe, Catherine 3.5851426044901
Burns, Nanci 2.3975209615894
C&C Counselling Services 1.1864339613219
Campbell, Carolynn R. 0.78599121258682
Capital Choice Counselling Group 1.3647066401628
Capital Choice Counselling Group (CCCG) 1.3117217481254
Cappelli & Associates: Psychological Services. Children.Youth.Young Adults 2.559616829775
Cappelli, Dr. Mario 2.559616829775
Cini, Nataxja 11.402581483345
Communicare Therapy, CommuniCare Therapy 4.6246059293757
Comtois, Janelle 9.3255942968538
Doucet, Mr. Guy 9.1346298537957
Doucette, Ms. Joanne 1.0886858629388
Emerging Minds 2.1865848386466
Family-Therapy 11.771703628857
Fawcett, Heather 2.1865848386466
Forefront Psychotherapy 1.3807360159198
Grant, Cheryl 1.1864339613219
Grant, Ms. Chantal 1.1864339613219
Group Inc., TRAC 7.5398134348815
Harman, Richard 2.2407600678132
Holmes, Heather 0
Howe, Peter 1.2884174475797
Joy, Mr. Gerald F. 12.521734723382
Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre 12.546028125933
Kelson, Ms. Christy 2.6395838790246
Le Repère Counselling services (Le Repère) 11.520924548256
Leblanc, Paul 2.7673220492095
Lefebvre, Sue 0
Levine Slover, Sandra 3.7376674355865
MacKenzie, Hilary 15.642102362341
Ms. Shontelle Prokipcak 4.7005411105157
OFili, Ms. Rita 8.2048662726901
Ottawa Centre for Resilience 2.4588386309305
Piotrowski, Ms. Heidi 5.9633696822207
Ricci and Associates 3.1363703272868
Sarkar, Leena 2.0328609557073
Simmons, Meghan 1.2958083287412
Sogge (van Walsum), Dr. Kimberly 0.68554684468902
Sogge and Associates 0.68554684468902
Synergia Counselling and Consultation Services, 1.295789053623
The Child, Adolescent, and Family Centre of Ottawa (CAFCO) 1.0886858629388
Theberge, Chantal 1.1505180434451
Tina Carby - Saterra Psychological and Counselling Services 14.232154948481
Turning Corners Psychological Services (TCPS) 4.6996598418253
Woodcrest Therapy Services 11.731310689549
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