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Sensory Processing Disorders and Self-Regulation Problems

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Sensory processing disorders (SPDs) are problems with misinterpreting everyday sensory information such as touch, sound, taste, movement and smells. At the hypersensitivity end, this can lead to the person becoming easily overwhelmed by seemingly normal sensations of touch, sound or other senses. Behaviours like rage, tantrums, anxiety or avoidance may result. At the other extreme, hyposensitive or under-sensitive individuals may inappropriately seek out excess sensory stimuli such as movement, touch and sound.

Looking for an occupational therapist (OT)? The OT search website through the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists makes it easy to find an occupational therapist anywhere in Canada. more
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5R1 Map
All ages
Provides specialized care for those with multiple physical, developmental, and associated behavioural needs, focusing on our Region's children and ... more
395 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L2 Map
Up to 18 years
An academic pediatric hospital affiliated with the University of Ottawa, with a mandate for care, research and teaching. CHEO houses the Provincial Centre of ... more
401 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L1 Map
Up to 17 years
The Sensory Processing Disorder Network (SPD Network) seeks to build awareness about SPD as well as fund research in the area. Their website has a wealth of ... more
5655 S. Yosemite, Greenwood Village, CO, 80111 Map
All ages
Carlington Community Resource Centre is a community-based health and social service centre. Various services including: the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) ... more
900 Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 5Z8 Map
All ages
The Walk-in Clinic at Crossroads helps families to get started on the road to understanding. Do you have any concerns about your child's behaviour, ... more
1755 Courtwood Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2C 3J2 Map
613-723-1623 x333
Up to 12 years
Established in 1989, Heritage Academy is an independent school specifically designed for students with learning disabilities. Our mission is to provide each ... more
207 Bayswater Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2G5 Map
6 - 25 years
Offering adaptive music education programs for students age 2-adult with developmental disorders and learning disabilities. more
100 Schneider Rd., Kanata, ON, K2K 2C1 Map
2 years and up
Provides summer camp for children on the spectrum and/or with learning/social disabilities. Run in association with MindWare Academy. more
985 Pinecrest, Ottawa, ON, K2B 4B6 Map
5 - 15 years
Private practice that specializes in visual stress. Provides assessment, screening and non-invasive assistive tools and services to help relieve the symptoms associated with visual stress. more
160 Terrence Matthews Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2M 0B2 Map
All ages
The Ottawa Hospital has a variety of mental health services which include inpatient and outpatient programs (including first episode psychosis, eating ... more
501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6 Map
16 years and up
Lawyer referral organization that helps people with all disabilities including people who are deaf, hard of hearing, people with physical disabilities, mental ... more
400 Coventry Road, Ottawa, ON, K1K 2C7 Map
All ages
We are a social skills program for kids aged 3-14. We run a social circle, summer camp and offer one on one services. We run in association with MindWare ... more
985 Pinecrest, Ottawa, ON Map
3 - 14 years
Provides parents with the support and the strategies to overcome challenging behaviours. Our 7 step system provides families with the ultimate results in ... more
Ottawa, ON Map
All ages
Trained and experienced counsellors at The Counselling Group (TCG) provide a full range of counselling and support services for children, adolescents, and ... more
2255 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K2B 7Z5 Map
613-722-2225 x352
All ages
CHEO provides a variety of Day Treatment Programs, such as: * Back on Track School Program (for youth with troubles attending school due to anxiety or mood ... more
4 - 18 years
Hospital that specializes in wide range of mental health services including: * inpatient and outpatient services for youth and adults * specialized mental ... more
1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Z 7K4 Map
16 years and up
The Child and Parent Resource Institute is a tertiary centre that provides highly specialized voluntary services to children and youth with multi complex, ... more
600 Sanatorium Road, London, ON, N6H 3W7 Map
Up to 18 years
Psychotherapy Matters is an online, unbiased resource that connects people to real professionals. We help you quickly and easily locate a mental health ... more
Physical address not provided
All ages
Looking for a psychologist? The Canadian Register of Health Service Providers (CRHSPP) has a national directory of qualified psychology providers. more
368 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7G3 Map
All ages
Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of people with physical, emotional, and social challenges through partnerships with companion and service animals. more
1010 Polytek St, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9H9 Map
All ages

Private Practice Professionals and Commercial Businesses

97 Hinton Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0Z7 Map
All ages
Physical address not provided
All ages
Monika Green Counselling and Psychotherapy Services
240 Kennevale Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2J 6B6 Map
3 years and up
265 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 2E1 Map
Up to 19 years
Lori Howell, Occupational Therapy Consulting
Physical address not provided
613-260-2847 x1
All ages
Orleans, ON, K4A 4G8 Map
3 - 18 years
All ages
SPROUT Occupational Therapy
14B Mill Street, Almonte, ON, K0A 1A0 Map
Up to 18 years
Ottawa, ON Map
All ages
471 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, ON, K2L 4B8 Map
Up to 18 years
Ottawa Centre for Resilience
2197 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X8 Map
6 - 19 years
Mary-Jane Slingerland
555 Legget Drive, Kanata, ON, K2K 2X3 Map
Up to 7 years
1729 Bank, Ottawa, ON, K1V 7Z5 Map
All ages
320 Osgoode St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 8C8 Map
All ages
120 West Beaver Creek rd., Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1L2 Map
All ages
7405 Third Line rd, Kars, ON, K0A 2E0 Map
All ages
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Resource Lists by Other Organizations
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
A map of child/youth mental health services in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. If printed out, it is meant to be printed out on legal size and poster size, and posted in waiting areas or in a clinic.
Posted: Mar 17, 2017
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Concise list of Ottawa area mental health resources for youth prepared by Youthnet, a program of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
Posted: Feb 22, 2015
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Longer list of Ottawa area mental health resources prepared by Youthnet, a progam of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
Posted: Feb 23, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Posted: Jul 4, 2014
Language: EN,FR
Ottawa Public Health (OPH)
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
The Resource Guide – Greater Ottawa Area [PDF 11.8 MB] reflects mental health resources and supports located throughout the Ottawa area (Champlain LHIN). This guide is not an exhaustive list of all supportive services, but rather a starting point – feel free to explore how these resources could assist you (the caregiver) or the person you care for (child, youth, adult, older adult) on the journey to recovery.
Posted: Sep 22, 2016
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
List of Occupational Therapists (OTs) in private practice created by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC).
Posted: Feb 10, 2017
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
List of Ottawa community resources for transitional aged youth (age 16-24).
Posted: May 13, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: Ottawa-Carleton
Concise, one page tool listing main mental health services in Ottawa.
Posted: May 10, 2015
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: LHIN Champlain
“Red Flags” is a Quick Reference Guide for Early Years professionals.Red Flags outlines a range of functional indicators or domains commonly used to monitor healthy child development, as well as potential problem areas for child development. It is intended to assist in the determination of when and where to refer for additional advice, formal assessment and/or treatment.
Posted: Sep 28, 2015
Language: EN
Catchment: LHIN Champlain
"From Rollercoaster to Recovery" is a detailed guide for families and individuals on how to navigate the addictions and mental health system in the Champlain LHIN.
Posted: May 2, 2013
Language: EN,FR
Catchment: Ontario
List of aboriginal mental health services in Ontario created by the Ontario Aboriginal Health Advocacy Initiative (OAHAI).
Posted: Sep 16, 2015
Language: EN
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