Ottawa-Carleton, ON
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Bereaved Families of Ontario, Ottawa Chapter (BFO-OR) 0.7228991921956
Bruyère Continuing Care 0.71098062733809
Bytowne Homecare Services 8.5840594085294
Catholic Family Service Ottawa (CFSO) 1.9506515665487
Christian Counselling Ottawa (CCO) 2.2829678069921
Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa 2.0616533530779
Housing Supports for Seniors 0.35024778990993
Community Information Centre of Ottawa (CICO) 0.68958240039791
Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) 1.0808773674976
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) 5.2371982506081
Geriatric Psychiatry Community Services of Ottawa 0.72821266547683
Lifestyle Enrichment for Senior Adults (LESA) 0.37841658180841
Ottawa Community Support Coalition 0.68958240039791
Parkinson's Society Ottawa (PSO) 0.61902782723586
South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre 4.9965185684271
The Counselling Group 5.2301492697031
The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County 3.3059317790519
The Good Companions 0.82504949269104
Volunteer Ottawa 2.4589828326481
Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC) 12.64353570399
Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) 3.2663941758201
Montfort Renaissance Residence 0.64976601560344
Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (The Royal) 2.7740105372289
Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) 3.6462595623964
Canadian Caregiver Coalition 0.77944156703179
Home health care for seniors 8.5916609675834
Abundant Living Counselling Group (ALCG) 6.8728362301438
Aranyosi, Liesel 9.6311153096511
Bentley, Michelle A. 9.7224515931451
Beth Breckenridge, Breckenridge Counselling 8.9742175238852
C&C Counselling Services 1.1864339613219
Capital Choice Counselling Group 1.3647066401628
Capital Choice Counselling Group (CCCG) 1.3117217481254
Cini, Nataxja 11.402581483345
Clarke, Julie 27.838009219411
Family-Therapy 11.771703628857
Grant, Cheryl 1.1864339613219
Grant, Ms. Chantal 1.1864339613219
Grew, Sandra 15.596182026682
Group Inc., TRAC 7.5398134348815
Hogan-Finlay, Dr. Mary 0.52979432722453
Holm, Pamela 1.4204608451209
Kader, Sharon 5.6723055921413
Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre 12.546028125933
Kelen, Dr. Susan 0.97298509050915
Letourneau, Elzbieta 0.54628453903452
M-CARE Therapy LTD. 3.6116133151237
Piotrowski, Ms. Heidi 5.9633696822207
Pope, Kenneth C. 0.35418098316143
Premier Homecare Services (PHS) 5.1997396456292
Ricci and Associates 3.1363703272868
Rippeyoung, Mr. Matthew 0.78270892057264
Schultz, Anne 11.771043258154
Stafford, Joan 6.9917646713654
Stittsville Wellness 15.663668201361
Stradwick, Dr. Laura 5.3691890703499
Taylor Creek Psychological Services (TCPS) 11.25854452735
Theberge, Chantal 1.1505180434451
Tina Carby - Saterra Psychological and Counselling Services 14.232154948481
Turning Corners Psychological Services (TCPS) 4.6996598418253
Vitality Assessments Group (VAG) 2.4588386309305
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