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Psychoeducational Assessment

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Centre for Psychological Services and Research (CPSR) 0.66816803387753
The Counselling Group 5.2301492697031
BenDavid-Streiner, Dr. Zohar 7.1460712764491
Burns, Dr. Sandra 0.016496576187828
Cappelli & Associates: Psychological Services. Children.Youth.Young Adults 2.559616829775
Cappelli, Dr. Mario 2.559616829775
Digout Erhardt, Dr. Angela 6.1982768790547
Duschner, Dr. Petra 6.1992055838607
Goldstein, Moncion, Greenbaum & Associates 5.1997396456292
Gottheil, Dr. Neil 4.6996598418253
Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre 12.546028125933
Kanigsberg, Dr. Joel 6.1992055838607
Kuehn, Sally 3.759024635214
Lemieux, Dr. Sylvie 0.65640736956843
Orleans Psychological Services (OPS) Centre 8.9814856341846
Ottawa Centre for Resilience 2.4588386309305
Rippeyoung, Mr. Matthew 0.78270892057264
Scardellette, Dot 45.001992304436
Sherman, Dr. Jeff 3.3352380532033
Sofia, Dr. James 3.1511836360489
Stradwick, Dr. Laura 5.3691890703499
Vitality Assessments Group (VAG) 2.4588386309305
Waurick, Meg 6.1992055838607
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