Ottawa-Carleton, ON
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Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit and Métis (FNIM)

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Community Information Centre of Ottawa (CICO) 0.68958240039791
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) 5.2371982506081
Gignul Non-Profit Housing Corporation 0.49026362268759
Inuit Family Resource and Health Promotion Centre 1.8307723385211
Inuit Non-Profit Housing 2.1526456369003
Minwaashin Lodge 2.285188580414
Oshki Kizis Lodge 2.285188580414
Odawa Native Friendship Centre 1.8388557189708
Odawa, Akwe:go Program 1.8388874842876
Ottawa Aboriginal Head Start Program 1.8388557189708
Roberts/Smart Centre (RSC) 2.8477264817525
The Counselling Group 5.2301492697031
Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) 0.73302727736335
Volunteer Ottawa 2.4589828326481
Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health 2.1580391756657
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) 6.4427920424377
Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) 3.2663941758201
Metis Nation of Ontario 1.0857068294364
Mamisarvik Healing Centre 5.1711358309102
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network 0.35418098316143
First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada 0.35418098316143
Honouring Life Network (HLN) 0.15415197167599
Housing Internship Initiative for First Nations and Inuit Youth (HIIFNIY) 3.2983507371477
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) 0.133207972076
Métis Centre at NAHO 0.15415197167599
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) 0.13101019289468
National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) 0.68958240039791
Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group 3.6140617349302
Anchor Psychological Services 2.4667325946672
Campbell, Carolynn R. 0.78599121258682
Cini, Nataxja 11.402581483345
Comtois, Janelle 9.3255942968538
Covin, Dr. Roger 4.6996598418253
Dr. Catherine Horvath 2.4588386309305
Earle Green, Ms. Anna 0.64048242795059
Family-Therapy 11.771703628857
Forefront Psychotherapy 1.3807360159198
Harman, Richard 2.2407600678132
Hogan-Finlay, Dr. Mary 0.52979432722453
Illing, Dr. Vanessa 14.232154948481
Joseph, Anjali 0.15415197167599
Ms. Shontelle Prokipcak 4.7005411105157
OFili, Ms. Rita 8.2048662726901
Ottawa Centre for Resilience 2.4588386309305
Rippeyoung, Mr. Matthew 0.78270892057264
Sarkar, Leena 2.0328609557073
Stradwick, Dr. Laura 5.3691890703499
Virley, Dr. Barbara 0.45022071248797
Vitality Assessments Group (VAG) 2.4588386309305
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