Ottawa-Carleton, ON
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In Conflict with the Law

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Catholic Family Service Ottawa (CFSO) 1.9506515665487
Community Information Centre of Ottawa (CICO) 0.68958240039791
Mental Health Walk In Clinic 4.3084573748061
Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) 1.0808773674976
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) 5.2371982506081
Elizabeth Fry Society 0.7228991921956
Court Support and Accompaniment - Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP) 0.24886514956811
Fetal Alcohol Resource Program of Citizen Advocacy (FARP) 2.0624855263801
Anger Management Groups for Children and Youth, The Counselling Group of Jewish Family Services (TCG) 5.2301492697031
GLBT Liason Committee 2.0646206095449
Salvation Army Stabilization & Anchorage Programs 0.64783248588259
Volunteer Ottawa 2.4589828326481
Youturn Youth Support Services 1.3903968686959
Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) 3.2663941758201
Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (The Royal) 2.7740105372289
Integrated Forensic Program (IFP) 56.628012829642
Christian Horizons (CH) 6.6922687091543
Cappelli & Associates: Psychological Services. Children.Youth.Young Adults 2.559616829775
Cini, Nataxja 11.402581483345
Dr. Catherine Horvath 2.4588386309305
Esso, Mr. Georges 0.84253378773944
Green, Ms. Monika 11.453893925368
Harman, Richard 2.2407600678132
Lewis, Nicole 4.0372509021497
McMahon, Philip J 0
Milosevic, Dr. Aleks 0.44625766791534
Ms. Shontelle Prokipcak 4.7005411105157
Ottawa Centre for Resilience 2.4588386309305
Quenneville, Antoine 1.3807360159198
Rich, Dr. Susan 6.1982768790547
Rippeyoung, Mr. Matthew 0.78270892057264
Vitality Assessments Group (VAG) 2.4588386309305
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