Ottawa-Carleton, ON
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Housing and Home Supports

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Leisure Activities 0.7245733089535
Andrew Fleck Child Case Services 2.9827342471002
Bruce House 0.35418098316143
Bruyère Continuing Care 0.71098062733809
Bytowne Homecare Services 8.5840594085294
CMHA, Project Upstream 2.5321893058426
Emergency Housing and Shelter Information 0.35024778990993
Housing Supports for Seniors 0.35024778990993
Cornerstone 0.60632299513997
Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) 5.2371982506081
J.F. Norwood House 0.68958240039791
Empathy House of Recovery 2.0464592478061
Gignul Non-Profit Housing Corporation 0.49026362268759
Inuit Family Resource and Health Promotion Centre 1.8307723385211
Inuit Non-Profit Housing 2.1526456369003
LiveWorkPlay 2.2655702985257
Main Street Community Services 15.623957200326
Maison Fraternité 2.4287132540729
Military Family Resource Centre of the National Capital Region (MFRC-NCR) 6.3500999639262
National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA 0.78449814246161
Nepean Seniors Home Support 9.2913081297062
Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Community Resource Centre (NROCRC) 5.5719463752475
Ottawa Autism Therapy (OAT) 12.559510034674
Ottawa Community Support Coalition 0.68958240039791
Ottawa Innercity Ministries 0.56276409670005
Ottawa Rotary Home 1.0472594826915
Ottawa Salus Corporation 3.1978991030694
Partners in Parenting 4.5904561537939
Roberts/Smart Centre (RSC) 2.8477264817525
Royal Ottawa Place 2.724441550579
Salus 3.1973146061373
South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre 4.9965185684271
St. Mary's Home 2.4992392378934
Tamir Foundation 4.1016864416284
Tungasuvvingat Inuit (TI) 0.73302727736335
Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre (WOCRC) 12.64353570399
YMCA, Second Stage Housing Program 0.78449814246161
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB) 6.4427920424377
Housing Plus 0.55738010452251
Transitional Housing Program for Young Women 0
Transitional Housing Program for young men 0.55738010452251
Young Men's Emergency Shelter 0
Young Women's Emergency Shelter 0
Youville Centre 1.3264336779607
Housing Services 0.64976601560344
Montfort Renaissance Residence 0.64976601560344
Support Within Housing 0.64976601560344
Victoria House 39.673169259373
Christian Horizons (CH) 6.6922687091543
Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) 3.6462595623964
Home health care for seniors 8.5916609675834
Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) 0.68958240039791
Operation Come Home (OCH) 0.72920741279046
Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre 12.546028125933
Kwasniewski, Elizabeth 2.559616829775
Premier Homecare Services (PHS) 5.1997396456292
Terrace Wellness Group (TWG) 12.563587952367
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